release date:August 6, 1999
director:Andrew Fleming
studio:Columbia Pictures
producer(s):Gale Anne Hurd
screenplay:Andrew Fleming, Sheryl Longin
cast:Harry Shearer, Kirsten Dunst, Dan Hedaya, Michelle Williams, Dave Foley, Will Ferrell, Jim Breuer, Saul Rubinek, Ana Gasteyer, Bruce McCulloch, Ryan Reynolds
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Dick Movie Synopsis

Those around during those heady days in the '70s knew him as "Tricky" as in "Tricky Dick," aka, Richard Milhouse Nixon, the last president before Clinton to face impeachment proceedings following the Watergate breakins and subsequent cover-up.

This film finds two high school girls wandering away from their group during a class visit to the White House and meeting up with Nixon. They become the official dog walkers for his dog Checkers and also advise him during the impeachment proceedings.