Home Run

release date:April 19, 2013
running time:113 min.
director:David Boyd
studio:Samuel Goldwyn Films
producer(s):Carol Spann Mathews, Tom Newman
screenplay:Brian Brightly, Melanie Wistar, Eric Newman, Candace Lee
cast:Scott Elrod, Dorian Brown, Vivica A. Fox
Current Tribute rating: Current rating: 4.75    Rate Movie     User Reviews

Home Run Movie Synopsis

Star baseball player Cory Brand (Scott Elrod) has it all together on the baseball diamond, but off the field, he's spinning out of control. Memories of his past haunt him and when he suspended from the league following a DUI, his agent sends him back to his home town in an effort to save his career and reputation.

As part of his probation, besides spending eight weeks in the town's only recovery program, he's forced to coach a kids' baseball team. Cory hates the prospect and can't wait for his suspension to be up so he can return to his old life. He's surprised when through the enthusiasm of his young players, he experiences the joy of the game again and finds himself on a powerful journey of transformation and redemption.

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  Brilliant story of God's grace and restoration!!

  Excellent movie-the acting is superb- incredible storyline- plan to see it!

  This movie was amazing!!! This movie really illustrated the power of God in the healing process. It really portrayed that even though people can seem like they have it all, and even trick themselves into believing life is great, that when there is a past hurt, and are left alone with it, it can fester and destroy from within and that it will never go away until it is properly dealt with. I believe this movie shows that how to properly deal. My friend and I completed the program they were talking about on the night we saw this, and it was the best way to celebrate our recovery! A must see :)