The End of Time

release date:December 12, 2012 - Toronto
Dec 14 - Montreal
Other cities throughout the winter
Tuesday April 2, 2013 (dvd)
running time:114 min.
director:Peter Mettler
studio:Mongrel Media
screenplay:Alexandra Gill, Peter Mettler
Current Tribute rating: Current rating: 3.20    Rate Movie     User Reviews

The End of Time Movie Synopsis

Filmmaker Peter Mettler travels the globe to explore a diverse range of perspectives on time: from scientists working with a particle accelerator who try to examine time by smashing protons together in an immense, 27-kilometre long concrete structure miles beneath the surface; from Buddhists visiting the tree where Buddha was enlightened; to DJ/electronic musician Richie Hawtin, who establishes a new sound working with machines; squatters in an abandoned area of Detroit near where Henry Ford built his first factory; and the last person living in an area where lava regularly pours from an active volcano.

Along the way, Mettler draws eerie connections between the most disparate places and events and locates parables of renewal and destruction.

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  Don't be so close-minded. Creativity comes from everywhere, real or not, does it make it any less interesting. I agree some things are a stretch but hey if someone want to go down that road , let em. You can always change channels.

It,s just a movie dip-wad.

there is no such thing as'the end of time', because there is no such thing as time. time does not exsists, only the present moment...''THE NOW''. THE ISNESS OF THIS MOMENT.