The Messengers

release date:February 2, 2007
Tuesday June 5, 2007 (dvd)
running time:90 min.
director:Oxide Pang, Danny Pang
studio:Columbia Pictures
producer(s):Sam Raimi, Robert G. Tapert, William Sherak, Jason Shuman
screenplay:Mark Wheaton
cast:Kristen Stewart, Dylan McDermott, Penelope Ann Miller, John Corbett, Jodelle Ferland
Current Tribute rating: Current rating: 3.98    Rate Movie     User Reviews

The Messengers Movie Synopsis

The Solomon family has left the fast paced life of Chicago for the secluded world of a North Dakota farm. Amidst the tranquil sway of the farm's field of sunflowers, Jess (Kristen Stewart), 16, soon realizes how terrifying seclusion can be when she and her brother Ben, 3, begin seeing ominous apparitions invisible to everyone else.

When those specters become violent, Jess' sanity is questioned--a double jeopardy for the tormented teen. Her troublesome past comes face to face with the past of those who once lived in the house, a perilous confrontation that leaves her believability in question with those she desperately tries to warn before it is too late.

Canadian Connection  Canadian Connection: Filmed on location in Indian Head and Regina, Saskatchewan. Several members of the cast are Canadian.

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  excellent and gripping.

  A cheesy horror movie with some fun moments. Ridiculous of course but a good popcorn movie. 2 1/2 stars...