Wilby Wonderful

release date:October 8, 2004
Tuesday February 22, 2005 (dvd)
running time:99 min.
director:Daniel MacIvor
studio:Mongrel Media
producer(s):Camelia Frieberg, Geneviève Appleton
screenplay:Daniel MacIvor
cast:James Allodi, Maury Chaykin, Paul Gross, Rebecca Jenkins, Sandra Oh, Ellen Page, Callum Keith Rennie, Daniel MacIvor
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Wilby Wonderful Movie Synopsis

As a scandal threatens to rock the very foundation of Wilby island, Duck MacDonald (Callum Keith Rennie), the town's dyslexic sign-painter, keeps interrupting the depressed video store owner Dan Jarvis (James Allodi) during his half-hearted suicide attempts. Meanwhile, Dan has enlisted the blindly-ambitious real estate agent, Carol French (Sandra Oh), to sell his house in an effort to quickly tie up the last of his loose ends. Carol however is more interested in selling her recently deceased mother-in-law's house to Mayor Brent Fisher (Maury Chaykin), in order to get on-side with the in-crowd.

To take her social step up, Carol could use the help of her police officer husband Buddy (Paul Gross), but Buddy has his hands full with perennially-sexy, wrong-side-of-the-tracks Sandra Anderson (Rebecca Jenkins), who can never decide if she is coming or going. Sandra's daughter Emily (Ellen Page), is none too thrilled about her mother repeating her typical pattern of married men and bad reputation, but Emily herself is just about to have her heart broken for the very first time. Of course, everyone's concerns are going to be very different tonight when someone finds the body in the closet. Welcome to Wilby.

Canadian Connection  Canadian Connection: Filmed in Shelburne, Nova Scotia and Picton, Ontario with a Canadian cast and director.

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Mildly entertaining. The passage from general homophobia to aren't-they-sweet handholding by the two gay guys was much too heartwarming to believe. I had trouble understanding much of the dialogue (while watching via On Demand at home). Too much mumbling.

Beautifully crafted movie. The interweaving of the characters` lives is handled with impressive skill.

WW is an excellent film, theme very similar to Brokeback Mountain, but WW is much better and probably cost about one percent of BNM to make. It`s Brokeback Island. But it`s not afraid to mix comedy, even grotesque comedy, with its theme. Only complaint I heard from friends, who had visited the island, was that there wasn`t eneough footage of the place itself. HOW CAN I RENT OR BUY A COPY? (SEE MY EMAIL)