This afternoon, Prince William and Kate Middleton emerged from St. Mary's Hospital in London with the as-yet unnamed royal baby, giving the world a first look at their newborn son, who is third in line to the British throne. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge smiled for the cameras as they introduced their one-day-old son. "He's got a good pair of lungs on him, that's for sure. He's a good boy, he's quite heavy," said William. "It's the first time we've seen him, really we haven't had a proper chance to catch up." Kate added, "It's such a special time. I think any parent probably sort of knows what this feeling feels like." Soon after the baby's first public appearance, the family of three left the hospital to head back to Kensington Palace. Back in June 1982, on these very same steps outside St. Mary's Hospital, Princess Diana and Prince Charles introduced newborn William to the world.

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