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  Honestly, it's a 3.5-4 star movie. But I gave it a five to bring up the rating because all the 1-star ratings are BS. This is a hilarious movie. Yes, there's a lot of swearing. If you have a problem with this, it's your fault for not researching it first. Rating R doesn't mean it's a kids movie.

  I wanted to rate 0 stars. Very stupid and trying to copy Hangover with Asian guy. I couldn't wait for it to be over.

  This is kind of a bore. Not very funny.

Ok is there a -stars arae, if there was I would rate this with theat horrd movie a few years back The Duks of Hazz. There was so much unnessassary bad language to start off with that I could hardly bear to wacth in fact, we walked out after 45 minutes & knew we wasted our money & Time. The one star, is the acting was ok.

  To be honest, 18 Again was better.

  worst movie I have ever seen. Don't know how it made the big screen. Don't waste your time.

  I'm a 49 year old woman and I loved this movie....very funny....will become a cult classic....right amount of balance between humour and concern for the characters. Awesome!!

  Movie was funny, and for others who said its just another movie about booze, partying and popularity, well DUH!Read the title

  I feel like I have Changnesia after watching this movie. Please help me find my parents.

  crazy funny, and first time an East Asian American 'born local' is included as a peer friend, not an outcast/dupe/comic relief only character, but 'one of us' than 'one of them'; includes unseen 'kiss/touch a white girl' first, even if in party fun, and not romantically. challenging old stereotypes: thumbs up; and a step in the right direction better representing America than not. (2 other same-aged characters were East-Asian Americans males and had talking parts, rather than as background 'silent extras'.) now the cast look realistically rounded w/ a 'Jeff Chang'! than peculiarly 'all-caucasians' with the odd black guy. worth the see.

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