A Good Day to Die Hard

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  Pretty boring movie

  Probably good day to stop making these movies. The first one was great (1988!!). I didn't find this movie kept my attention. Lots of stunts but very poor story line.

  I actually fell asleep near the end of the movie. That's the very first movie I ever fell asleep in. Don't bother to watch this. You're better off with the old series

  Baaaaaaaad to the bone, Brucie.

  As George Clooney can't offer enough apologies for the garbage that oceans 12 and 13 were neither will Bruce Willis. Nothing is good, not even passable in this pile of vomit.

  The action is exciting, however the frequent use of the Lord's name in vain turned me away. When driving the truck Willis used Jesus' name twice in vain. I turned it off after this. Movie is extremely violent, but the above mentioned issue is a deal breaker. Not watchable by anybody who believes in God.

  Nothing surprising. It was the crap I expected.

  Plot, what plot you need. Some bastard somewhere decided movies need something to drive it and you all lap it up like dogs. A movie is entertainment, see it for the chicks, see it for the violence and definitely see it for your favorite movie actors doing what they do best. Skyfall had no plot and you all seem to like it. Blah!

  If you like a movie that is just someone running away from something, weak story, poor acting, very predictable: you'll LOVE this low-brow action flick.

  Brain dead action that boarders on insulting, script haha what script!

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