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  Not a comedy. Not funny at all Very melodramatic Not worth two hours of your life

  one of the worst movies ever made!!!

  I like Paul Rudd...I like Tina Fey..but this is one of the worst movies ever made. Please save your time and $$ and never, never watch this helpless and sad excuse of a movie.

  It's not really a comedy at all. Story line is not bad a bit different.It shows really how kids get into these schools.

  Not a comedy. I can't believe Tina Fey even bothered. Paul Rudd is horrible.

  funniest movie i have ever seen in my entire life

  Slow, boring. I fell alseep for a bit. I wanted to leave. This rarely happens. Disliked this movie. I would have stopped it if I was watching it at home.

  The funniest movie in a long, long, time!

  Definitely not a comedy! Unless you are going on cheap tuesday definitely not worth the time!

  This movie is definitely NOT a comedy....there was not one part that I found amusing. Very your money!

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