Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

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  funny follow-up to the original.

  Very funny movie! Excellent cast that knows where the buttons are and pushes every one. Obviously some people didn't understand the humor in some parts and that's fine. I can't wait to see it again.

  Another classic. If you liked Anchorman, you'll love Anchorman 2. First hour is probably some of the best comedy I've ever seen...laughed non-stop. Admittedly, the ending is bad but you don't go see a Will Ferrell movie for the plot. Loved it...the one-star people are those that shouldn't be watching Will Ferrell in the first place.

  By Odin's Ravens! This is an insane, warped movie, and I loved every minute of it! Anyone who saw the first movie and loved it should have their minds blown by the sequel. I don't know if there are any plans for a third installment, but if it's as exponentially as funny as #2, it will probably lead to several deaths from ruptured spleens due to laughing too hard. Cannot recommend this enough for TRUE fans of Ron Burgundy. Anyone who disliked it obviously didn't understand what they were signing up for in the first place.

  Terrible movie with an unlikable lead. His change of attitude in the end does not make him more enduring. The only thing worth watching in this huge mistake of a film is the flood of cameos that appear for the park fight scene. That was a nice treat to turn this sour experience into something bordering tolerable.

  Worst movie I have ever seen!! Should have cut about 70 minutes out to make it bearable...

  Pretty good, not as good as the first but still good, not something i'd be in a rush to see again though, worth the watch for sure especially if you saw the first one

  Great, funny

  Great movie good job.....

This movie does not deserve any stars, complete waste of time (not funny),

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