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Current Rating: 3.57

Current Rating: 3.57

based on 136 votes and 49 reviews

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  • 1 stars Oh boy what a total waste of my time and money this movie was. Almost fell asleep it is slow and boring. I kept waiting for some action and it never comes. Save your money dont go see this movie.
  • The only good thing about this movie was the tea and popcorn" , I would like to have my money back!
  • 3 stars Arrival started off with good suspense and tight expectation of being an intelligent alien movie, not just a shoot-em-up blood fest. But it quickly went too far in the other direction, along the lines of 60's 'flowers in the end of rifles' direction. Resorting to the tired, old formula of the intellectuals looking down their learned noses at the crude, thuggish military who have the gall to point weapons at the assumed peaceful aliens, who couldn't possibly come in anything but peace and love. When truthfully, how would anyone in their right mind ever believe that with so very little to go on?? The three lead actors, however played their roles flawlessly and the acting was great. So, you should see it, because the acting is worth it, if some of the plot is predictable and some parts are presented with a twist on time that may confuse at worst and aggravate at best. Go to see the actors act and the fantastic graphics.
  • 5 stars Beautiful execution. This is a deep movie, exploring death, grief, collectivism, paranoia, linguistic science, temporal possibilities and extraterrestrial life. All seen stripped bare of movie glamour and graced by great performances from Adams, Renner and Whitaker. If you want to be challenged, go see this collectors masterpiece.
  • 5 stars One of the finest most engrossing science fiction movies I've seen in a long, long time.
  • 2 stars Disappointing ending! It lacked depth and excitement for an Alien movie! YouTube videos about Aliens are more exciting! To save time and money, it would be more exciting to watch those YouTube videos at home with some popcorn instead of watching Arrival!!!
  • Slow moving movie. Not terrible but not that good either, in my opinion. Nothing original about it. They were just copying 'Interstellar' with time being circular is all, but not as good as that movie.
  • 3 stars When I saw the trailers for 'Arrival' earlier this year, I read a copy of the short story upon which the movie is based: 'The Story of Your Life' by Ted Chiang. I thought the screenwriter did an okay job of taking a very cerebral, esoteric 40-page story and turning it into a two-hour movie - but only just okay. I think there was a bit of 'Hollywood-ization' to add some drama and action elements, but overall the spirit and thrust of the story were kept intact. About 3/4s of the way through the movie, there's a plot twist revealed. Having read the story, it was no surprise to me at all, but I heard a few people muttering things like "Ohhh... now I get it..." so I guess it did come as a bit of a surprise to some folks. One thing I appreciated, but that some audiences may not, is that the ending is not a typical Hollywood ending where everyone rides off into the sunset all sunshine and smiles. The ending of both the story and the movie end on somewhat a sombre note...
  • 2 stars Not the best Alien movie I've seen. You need to see this more than once to grasp it.
  • 5 stars The way that this movie is understood in such polar ways is exactly the problem we all have with communication; it's what the movie is trying to show. It's important to have people like Amy Adam's & Jeremy Renner's characters that won't take a reactionary position ... a timely notion


Genre:  Sci-Fi/Fantasy | Running Time:  116 min.
In theatres:  November 11, 2016

Current rating: Rating: 3.57
based on 136 votes and 49 reviews
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Cast: Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker, Michael Stuhlbarg, Tzi Ma, Mark O'Brien, Russell Yuen, Matthew Willson