Before Midnight

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  Real life! Good humor! Beautiful places! And love! Love it!

  Very Touching and nice.

  While American film is critisized for too much action and not enough depth and meaning these characters do a great enactment of human relationships, while nothing takes place except some kind of existential angst, brimming with perceptions people develop.

  I was bored & fell asleep!

  Good movie. But not for everyone .

  Loved it.

  I love Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. They play their character so well that I want them as my clo friends. I revied Before Sunrise and Before Sunset before seeing Before Midnight. I totally sympathy size with both characters as in living my life I have lost a son to an Ex, struggled as a female to challenge the Glass Ceiling, and experienced Love. Thank you for making this movie. Ethan and Julie, you are both wonderful Actors/Actresses!!!!!

  Love the first two films; and love this third one. A truly gut-wrenchingly beautiful, truthful representation of love and relationships. Amazing script, perfect acting. I'm ready to go see this again.