Django Unchained

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  best film i have ever seen8rf

  Taratino's best film since Pulp Fiction

  Tarentino is a genius of the cinematic art. You must look at this movie 2 or 3 times to appreciate the subtleties of the story and the the time era in which the (fictitious) events happen.

  True writing genius, the racism was in your face and truthful, if you think it is distasteful then enjoy denial and boring movies

  I thought it was overall very cheesy for a western.

  Tarantino wins again, 5 stars !!!

  My favourite movie of the year !

  Mandigo on steroids. Does Clint Eastwood and Spaghetti Westerns proud. A few gory scenes.

  awesome movie with stellar performances.

  Waltz, Foxx, Leo, and Sam did a great job! Not the best from QT, though - nowhere near it. For the idiots who were 'offended' by the overuse of the 'N' word you need to get off your PC high you really think redneck southern State Americans in the mid-19th century used anything but the 'N' word? Get real! Interesting premise, violence is to be expected in QT film, slow mid-way through. Still, not bad at all.

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