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  A dark, gritty masterpiece complete with the perfect amount of cheesy lines. Loved it.

  Haha, people who dislike this movie are retards. This movie delivers on every promise. Badass hero - check, lame ass villains - check, no way this could be real - check. What more do you want? You didn't come to watch Good Will Hunting, did you?

  Ok, I have to say this is much better than the Sylvester Stallone one. More true to the comic and far grittier than the other. Love Karl Urban. I think he is an under-rated actor.

  This movie was blah, nothing more than 2 stars deserved. The added gore to this made it interesting but the whole story is boring. Even the most action filled scenes are just OK. I love action movies but I found this boring.

  Everything you would want in an action movie. Classic!

  I'm a chick and I loved this movie. Two strong female characters and lots of blowing stuff up. Great visual effects, too. Loved it!

  Scary to see those giving more than 3 Stars for this movie! Come on, it's awful......

  terrible storyline and acting!!!! that's insanely stupid!! what a waste of 95 min of my life!!! two thumbs down!!! damn it!! so boring and not so much action!! so fake!!

  Best Movie of the year in my personal opinion. Went in with low expectations and was blown away with how enjoyable I found it. This is definitely going to be a cult classic.

  Diane Lane is smokin' hot in this movie!

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