Evil Dead

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  Boring and mundane. Tons of gore couldn't rescue this film. About as frightening or fun as fishing. Should have no association with the classic original.

  Was not at all what I was expecting, I was expected to be terrified. However, I was just grossed out at all the gore. As every other gory movie the characters were not realist and of course did not make any wise decisions. Waste of my 96 mins

  I will be buying this movie..i have the can't wait to c it

  Exelent!!!!! Everyone that put one star either hasnt seen the origional or dont unserstand the culture perfect remake!!! And for those saying its not scary go back and watch all the movies that used to terrify you and see if any of those are still scary( the answer is no) but its a perfect ED remake!!!!!

  great movie, loved how they re did it. and for all you one star jerks, try actually watching a movie and not trash it

  If you are an Evil Dead fan this movie doesn't disappoint! Lots of laughs and gore.


  Awesome movie! Definitely lived up to the original. I can't understand why some people on here would rate it 1-2 stars?! Wtf!? Its literally the best horror film in years! Well who ever doesn't like this film must obviously prefer argo or some boring oscar winning movie...


  i cant possibly imagine who would like this movie, bad acting, predictable and just a shitty movie dont waste your time to watch this movie even if its for free.

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