Gangster Squad

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  Good cast, poor script, ridiculous shoot-outs (everybody should be dead) and over-the-top violence. generally yuck.

  not believable in the slightest, lots of machine guns blazing and bullets missing everyone - lousy acting -probably a teenagers idea of an awesome movie but far from it if you are a mature person with even half a it.

  Very high paced!! It'll keep your attention. Good story, kinda cheesy makeup. But good entertainment

  This movie was outstanding. If this movie better win some awards. The story line and the acting couldn't have been better. Definitely a MUST SEE movie.

  Amazing movie!

Best movie of the year. Best acting of the year. A must see.

  The best mob film since "The Departed"!

  Really good movie ! I really recommend if you're into action movies, but if you can't handle blood very well then this might not be the movie for you...

  I've read a lot of hate regarding this movie and I do not understand it. It was awesome, and i'm glad I didn't listen to the posts and skip seeing it. The fight scene in the end was fantastic, and the acting was superb.

  It's terrific entertainment,much like Westerns,Musicals,War Stories ,etc.They are basically all the same .Some have it and some don't,this one has it.By the way I can't stand Sean Penn...still can't

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