G.I. Joe: Retaliation 3D

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  I felt to sleep on this movie. Was so excited to see Channing Tatum which died after 15 min lol and I love Bruce but I was kind of disappointment.

  Great action sequences & nice plot. The only drawback is the stormshadow storyline where it needed a lot more time to develop.

  Love the action!

  The must-see movie of 2013! A masterpiece!

  Horrible movie. the plot was totally retarded. Only one good guy was carried over to the next movie and he died right away. Shadow storm died in the first movie yet he was in the second? The connection between the two movies was horrible.

  Don't go see this movie in 3D. I didn't duck when Snake Eyes was fighting Stormshadow and was sliced on the side of my face. I should have went to the hospital immediately but I paid good money.

  The last fight scene was epic. Glad I seen this movie in 3D.


  not a movie i would see twice! predictable

  Amazing u should watch it

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