G.I. Joe: Retaliation

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  Movies is alright. I wish some actors would have stayed in it longer... probably would have made the movie good.

  Would LOVE to see Big Jim in a G.I. Joe movie, and they're going to need a new guy now that they've killed off the Channing Tatum character.

  I hope they put Big Jim in the next one, that would be AWESOME!

  The thinking man's action picture.

  Typical The Rock movie. Good time killer, no real substance.

  This movie was great but I thought they could have kept Channing alive. This kept me at the edge of my seat...go going all! LOVE ALWAYS JOANNIE :)

  the part were they all rauch the nukes at ones is pure genious. this film was pure artwork made by one of the masters. easily the greatest film of all time..

  this movie was okay, i would have liked it alot better if bruce willis was bending the rock over a table and thrusting his manhood in and out of his an*s.

  The movie was trash, please don't waste your money on this film. The plot was terrible and the action was mediocre, Willis at his worst.

  This and Scary Movie 5 are representative of modern filmmaking at its finest.

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