God's Not Dead

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Dumb. You gotta be brain dead.

  An awesome movie, I will go and watch it again and definitely will purchase it when it comes out in DVD. The best movie I have seen in years!!

  Amazing movie

  This was a refreshingly fine film with substance! Totally enjoyable although, sadly, I'm sure that the professional movie critics will roast it, as it is Christian-focussed. Their loss.

  Loved it!

  God is NOT dead! Great movie!

  I thought it was very good.

  One of the best movies Ive seen! Loved it!

  I would say this movie is a must see, it is entertaining and has a great story to it. Some of the acting isn't the greatest but for the most part it's pretty good. I really enjoyed it and will watch it again.

I thought this movie was fantastic!!

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