God's Not Dead

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  Excellent movie!!!

  God is not a kind and loving being. He will smite you down for posting a negative review of His movie. Beware doubter!..........He IS alive and he not impressed

  very good to spread the message.

  People who do not believe in god would never say "god is dead" or "I hate god", they'd say "there is no god" or "there's zero evidence for god". This awful movie is another excellent example of the religious coming up with an unrealistic premise and then triumphantly "proving" their point.

  This movie was well worth going to see in theatres and we will definitely be purchasing the DVD. I gave it 4 stars and not 5 because there were a few scenes that were a bit 'cheesy' or far fetched. Other than that, there were many different situations that were represented and addressed very well. It's so refreshing seeing this type of movie hit the big screen. Can't wait to see what David A.R. White comes up with next.

  If this movie had any A or B list actors it would win every Razzie there is.

  Saw this movie on a dare but I was glad I didn't have to pay for it. This movie is HORRID! Dean Cain can't act nor could he ever and Sorbo was ok, just ok. Seriously this movie will lower your IQ and over all brain function. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!

  Tackles some very trying emotions, was well written and had a good message. Highly recommended to anyone with an open mind.

Dumb. You gotta be brain dead.

  An awesome movie, I will go and watch it again and definitely will purchase it when it comes out in DVD. The best movie I have seen in years!!

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