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Not a good movie. It had a stupid storyline and was a waste of money. 1.5 stars.

Even as a bad guy at first Will Smith is funny. Not for younger kids but we laughed al the way thru

Jason is so sweet in this and Will is just kick ass FUNNY

We all laughed until we cried! Funny but language strong for the younger kids who love Will Smith.. Bought the movie and we love it! Awesome job guys

this movie is one of my favorite movies of will smith yet!!

I liked the movie even if I am leaning in that direction since my last name is Hancock. The credits had a special message to me at the end from my father who just passed away. I have the DVD but it's not there. What was it?

Just sucked, had a terrible plot and was a complete waste of resources and time.

Hancock!!!!!! I LOVED this movie!! It was simply the most exciting, fun, delightful movie I've seen in years. I liked it even when it seemed somewhat predictable in the beginning. Then that delicious surpise with Carlize! Wow!! I want to see sequel after sequel on this guy. Who do I ask???

loved it. They could really take this story far. It would make a great series. The movie had a really good story and heart. I would like to see more.