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dilm de hitch trés joly

Good movie, A++

Garbage. This is one of the many reasons why hollywood loses its respect and credibility. So obnoxious and contrived!!!

It`s disgusting that these films actually make money. This is why they are made. Even if they are bad they still make money. If you thought this movie was bad and you payed to see it I don`t know how you sleep at night.

will smith did it again....if you didnt think it was funny you have no sense of humor.You really see how it is in the real world.

horrible one of the worst movies i`ve ever seen, don`t see it!

Sooooo funny!!! Will smith is hot in this flick and hilarious!!! and the romantic stuff that happens with him and the girl are also laughable!!!

SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BORING!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe that the people in my class chose to watch this movie instead of Star Wars? I mean, its so predictable, and not even remotely romantic! I kept hoping that something exciting would happen, like, I don`t know, some aliens invading the city and the date doctor is forced to save the girl from being vaporized. There should be some lightsaber duels at least (sorry i have star wars on the brain lately).

you learn how to talk to a gril

Pedantic; been done before. Eva Mendes is a very weak actress.

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