Iron Sky

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  Funny, lame but awesome

  Funny movie with an ending I never would have considered felt right. For the laughs and the unexpected perfect ending, 5 stars!!


  Went into this thinking it was a Harry Potter knock-off but it's really more of an homage.

  It's this generation's Harry Potter.

  seriously, who rated this 5 or 4 or even 3. It was absolutely terrible. The ploy could have been ok, but the acting was horrible, and after 15 min's (my minimum to watch) I turned it off.

  worth a watch.

  w'll just put some whorers in it, and we call it a day...nah, didn't quite work out now, did it? waste of time indeed

  Not a bad movie. The special effects were not bad.

  i like the idea of nazis 70 years later, but it could have been done alot better.

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