Jack Reacher

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  poor casting - referring to Mr. Top Gun - ruined this film. He was the worst choice to play the lead which resulted in the rest of the movie not working. Not horrible, but potential to be so much better.

This is the dumbest movie ever and Tom Cruise is lousy.

  A time killer nothing more.

  At times, a smart, action-thriller. At other times corny and dumb. Cruise is, well, Cruise. Pike is exellent in teh film.

  This movie wasn't Tom Cruise best. The movie is better off watching it though a dvd rental instead of watching it in the theatres. If he caught the killer in the middle of the movie then the movie will end up 1 hour shorter. They dragged out this movie way too long and some parts of the movie got confusing. Tom Cruise other movies were better then this one.

It's gripping and much better than the usual Hollywood garbage.

  One page of a Lee Child Reacher novel is more gripping than this forced Hollywood garbage. I honestly can't believe there were people who thought this movie was good. Now, I don't dislike Tom, Collateral was great, but he FAILED HORRIBLY trying to bring this EPIC character to the big screen. Very poor attempt that will scare away more Lee Child/Jack Reacher readers than it will bring in. I can't wait to bury my face in a JR novel to wash this crud from my brainpan.

I wasn't going to see the movie because I read some poor ratings here. I am so glad I chose to see it. Yes Cruise isn't a big guy filling a big guys role but neither was Mel Gibson in Braveheart. This movie was very entertaining and I enjoyed it very much.

  Looks like the Borg drones are out in full force rating this one. Hard to imagine so many people think it was that great. All I can say is, see it for yourself if you choose and make up your own mind as an individual, not a zombie as part of a collective. Personally IMO this movie is just another "been done a million times before" extension of Tom's out of control narcissism and nothing more. But, others may beg to differ.

  It doesn't even deserve 1 star...he CANNOT act!

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