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Current Rating: 3.26

Current Rating: 3.26

based on 48 votes and 19 reviews

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  • Great movie, really enjoyed it.
  • 3 stars Brilliant Performance by Natalie Portman
  • 5 stars Natalie Portman deservedly won her second Best Actress Oscar for this extraordinary performance.
  • 2 stars DO NOT WASTE MONEY on this flop wasted time and resources to make a very BAD recreation of the assassination and not the person the project was named for Hey for those of you who choose to view wait for your local library to obtain their copy(s) and check it out for free
  • 1 stars A pathetic and boring portrayal of a unique historical first lady, Portman's acting was dull, unimpressive, really bad, can't believe she is up for an Oscar, oh wait, yes I can, Hollywood propaganda machine.
  • 1 stars This movie was awful, like a slow documentary that never captured anymore insight into Jackie and only concentrated on the assassination/funeral aspect. Don't bother seeing it, it's a snooze and waste of money, wait for Neflicks.
  • 2 stars This is a very somber tale, not what I expected. I expected more of Jackie, fashions, her social/fashion impact, not the sadness all based on the assassination, which remember well. I don't think the actress did a good portrayal, I can't understand why she is up for an Oscar. I wouldn't advise anyone to waste their money, watch it on DVD or Net Flicks.
  • This movie never hit wide release so was forced to go to Kingsway theatre to see it. Seeing a movie of this calibre in the Kingsway just angers me. You're greeted by the owner who is, at best, an angry man as I watched him snatch a bottle of water out of the purse of patron and suggested she pick up the water after the show. We were overwhelmed by the smell of smoke in the theatre. But I guess that is better than the smell of sewage that a friend had to endure a few nights ago. I'm not sure he supplies any heat to the main theatre. I sat with my coat on for the whole movie and was still cold. I'm not sure if it was the theatre's audio but I missed a lot of the dialogue in the movie. Either Natalie mimicked Jackie's breathless accent so well or someone forgot to turn up the sound. I agree with most of the comments - especially the "slow" comment. I don't care if the Kingsway theatre is the only place to watch Trump impeachment hearings, you'll never find me inside that theatre again. Ever. #mypersonalexecutiveorder
  • 1 stars This movie dragged. Very boring and difficult to sit through. Having lived through this era, I question the historical content.
  • 5 stars First of all, I hope Natalie Portman receives an Oscar for her portrayal. She was wonderful as Jackie, her body language, there was no flaws in her interpretation of how Jackie Kennedy spoke, even posture and the way she moved. I think the movie is a real succes: showing what Jackie went through mentally, physically after JFK's assassination: the shock, the grief, torments, the obligations to the family and to the people, protecting herself and her children, while thinking of making a history, the future, not to mention the people she had to deal with. Bravo! Great movie!


Genre:  Drama | Running Time:  100 min.
Release Date: December 9, 2016 - Toronto
: December 16, 2016 - Vancouver
: January 27, 2017 - Wide
DVD/BluRay/Digital: March 7, 2017

Current rating: Rating: 3.26
based on 48 votes and 19 reviews
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Cast: Natalie Portman, John Hurt, Peter Sarsgaard, Greta Gerwig, Billy Crudup, John Carroll Lynch

Inspiration: Jacqueline Kennedy