Killer Joe

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  This movie is dark and just plain un-entertaining. The ending was pointless and violent just for the sake of being violent. The plot was well crafted but the details of Joe's character were a little too disturbing and dark to enjoy the movie.

  This movie is one of those that you either love or hate - no middle ground. Luckily, I loved it, mainly due to Matthew M's awesome job and great chemistry with the always underrated Thomas Hayden Church.

  a bit different but a lot of fun!!

  Absalute Garbage !!!

  Good acting, abit disturbing but all in all a good film

  Bad acting, Bad plot, sad excuse for a movie. Junk is the best description i can give.

  Actually is not an teen girl, is an underage girl...!! Violent and sick with a bad, stupid ending

  This is a pathetic sick movie full with disgusting moments like a 48 year old having sex with a teen, and parents killing their own children...American people, if I live in your country, I will feel very offended by this disgusting movie..

  a fun filled sick and twisted experience

  great actors but bad story.

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