Killing Them Softly

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  movie put me to sleep

  horrible...the title of the movie describes my experience in watching the movie.

  brilliant commentary on the current state of social decay in the US. A must see if you want to see something that is not trite.

  Horrible...simply horrible.

  Waste of time! Disappointed with Brad Pitt in this show!

  So Boring! Avoid!

  I wish ther was a way to give this movie zero stars.

  Highly boring

  TERRIBLE!! Boring. Don't waste your money renting this one. :(

  This movie was a true deception. I found that the story goes of topic too often with numerous accounts from the characters pasts that have nothing to do with the storyline. I can however say that excellent acting kept me from stopping the movie. Still, what a waste of an all star cast.

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