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  one of the worst movies i have ever seen...such a huge waste of talent

Simply atrocious. Avoid at all costs.

a great rental movie. I enjoyed it.

sucks and too long

A really funny and enjoyable movie. Don't go see it with high expectations just because of George Cluney just see it to have a good laugh then it will not disappiont.

best movie ever!

Very disappointing. I fell asleep in it.


To be totally honest, i thought this movie was just brutal to watch. Although i love Geprge Clooney, i really don't think he's been doing so great in the directing departmnt. This movie really missed the mark for me. But wahat i think saved this movie was the chemistry between the cast. But other than that John krasinski shouild really stick to Th Office.

This movie was soooooooooo good. It was hilarious. And besides, who doesn't want to se John Krasinski play sports? I love him in The Office!!!!!!!!!!!

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