Les Misérables

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Had fun watching this. Sacha Cohen playing off of Helen Bonham Carter was a treat. It provided the comic relief that was much needed in this film. The rest of the cast was grand, but the script/lyrics and music failed miserably. Should have been done by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, but Rice swore he would not work with Webber again. Such a loss, but neither has passed, so there is still hope.

Anne Hathaway makes Andrew Lloyd Webber tolerable. Thank goodness her part didn't go to Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Watson!!!

  Play was MUCH better. A must miss

So nice to see the lovely Anne Hathaway rewarded with a Best Actress Oscar for this performance.

  I absolutely loved this movie! Hugh jackman was amazing! The music was sensational

  Excellent,worth seeing again

  I can't remember the last time a movie moved me as much as this one did (Forest Gump, perhaps?). Going in, I was NOT an Anne Hathaway fan one bit...but wow, she blew me away, and I sobbed when she sang "I Dreamed a Dream". Hugh Jackman sooo deserves the Oscar! The only disappointment was Russell Crowe, who seemed stiff and lifeless in a role that called for a more powerful onscreeen presence and deeper voice. Overall, a must-see film!

  I nodded off several times. The problem was that I simply couldn't always understand the words they were singing. Why not add subtitles to films like this? The acting was good, the mis-en-scene often impressive and the singing acceptable to atrocious. When I left the theater I felt according to the title.

  A bit long but that was to be expected. On the whole...fantastic. Crowe and Jackman were excellent. Hathaway was good but just too much overacting imo. I acutally cringed. I don't care if she's winning all of these awards, competition must be weak...

  I loved it, especially Russell crowe. His voice was great

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