Life of Pi

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  well done! a very good adaptation of a great novel.

  One of the best movies I've ever seen. Read the book years ago, not only I wasn't disappointed, I don't think the movie could have been done better.

  such an amazing movie. an amazing story

  Nothing short of mesmerizing. This is a gorgeous movie and the story is unforgettable like I've rarely seen before. The 3D is epic and comparable to Avatar's 3D. You'll want to show this film to everyone you know.

  I saw this movie on Shaw Demand the other day and it was a good one!!

  Too much time spend in the ocean. Got pretty tedious

  A visually wonderful movie with substance ... great acting of young Pi and the rest of the cast. Go watch it in 3D!

  this movie was the best movie i have ever seen

If I could I'd give this movie 3.14 stars.

  Unexpectedly good! Excellent story and beautiful! Highly recommended!

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