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Current Rating: 4.08

Current Rating: 4.08

based on 670 votes and 132 reviews

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  • 5 stars With all of the Wolverine and X-men movies out, this one is at the top of my list. I originally was not a big Wolverine fan, but this movie is really outstanding. Remember though, this movie is rated R. I would suggest that parents watch the movie 1st and use discretion before allowing their kids to watch it.
  • 1 stars Too slow & badly written
  • 1 stars I would have given it a half a star if I could !!! The brown and yellow photography was awful !!! I walked out after 30 minutes, it was that bad !!!
  • 1 stars I am 92 and it is about time they had a superhero my age! My son is 69 and is happy there was a hero his age too! We both feel asleep because they movie was really bad and boring though. Could have had a nap for free at home, saved to tickets.
  • 1 stars it was a glorified gore fest that destroyed the xmen, Logan's character, the story, and superheroes in general. Some left, some even fell asleep, and others didn't even go. I didn't go-but I agree with those that did. It's gory for the sake of being gory. The xmen were formed to teach mutants how to control their powers to help people in order to get humans to accept them, Logan has never liked killing in the past films, Logan is supposedly remorseful for those he's already killed and supposedly wants better for Laura...yet he's more ruthless than ever! This brings me me to the ruining of the superhero generation-heros were meant to inspire hope....Logan does all he can to destroy hope-like that scene with the comic.....how the script writers expect Laura to do better than Logan I will never understand...
  • 5 stars This is so much more than a regular super hero movie. It plays more like a western. Just substitute the cowboys with X-men.
  • 5 stars Great Movie !!! Watched it with my Grandfather, he loved it !!! Finally some guys my age he said. Arthritis, Dementia and all. Feel good movie for the Geriatric set for sure !!!
  • 4 stars You could have titled this X- Men the Next generation,the acting was good but that little girl needs a serious time out!
  • 1 stars ive seen thousands of R rated movies That had nowhere near the amount of Gore and vilolence So an r rating doesn't excuse it, I think By making it That way they calculated That it Would be better then the other films, it was not! It was unnecessary just Liike the f bomb That was used thougout the movie
  • 4 stars Good movie, tough to see Jackman retiring from the part. Sometimes a little slow, but good closure to the Wolverine character. I will say, had to read a little about the story to understand some of what I missed while watching. Perhaps watching again at home again will fill in more of the story. Oh, and for those complaining about violence and swearing, do you remember what the 'R' meant in the rating? If adding an F* bomb or two makes a movie R rated and I can watch without rows of 2 years old talking during a movie then swear away!


Genre:  Action/Adventure | Running Time:  137 min.
In theatres: March 3, 2017

Current rating: Rating: 4.08
based on 670 votes and 132 reviews
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Cast: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Richard E. Grant, Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant, Dafne Keen