Man of Steel

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Please don't make a sequel. ZERO stars.

  "Man of Steel" was an amazing movie especially if you love Comics or Superman :) must see.

  Oh no!! Total "transformers" style and no substance. Totally disappointing. Special effects are very computerized (I mean that goes without saying, but this is just too obvious and thus very boring). Bad story, flat characters, no emotion at all. What a shame.

  A Man of Substance would have been more preferable.

  Could they have found a worse Lois Lane? No they couldn't, but that's just one of many insurmountable problems with this limp and lifeless adaptation.

  Boy, does this blow! Give me THE QUEST FOR PEACE any day!

  Fresh take, very cool effects. Sit back and have fun. Best superman since Chris Reeves, and better I think. U r nuts if this isn't 5 star

  I must confess I thought it was poor.

  very well done!!

  awesome movie the special effects were amazing watch this movie

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