Martha Marcy May Marlene

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  gave me chills throughout the movie. Olsen was great.

  great movie!

  movie gave me the creeps...really strong performances by hawkes and olsen.

  a very intense, interesting thriller. olsen gives an oscar worthy performance.

  creepy movie - loved it!!

  freaky movie!!....a tad slow, but emotionally draining and intense movie. olsen deserved more recognition for her brilliant performance.

  although the ending is a bit wierd..very intense and disturbing movie. olsen aand hawkes give fantastic performances.

  brilliant and haunting film about a girl trying to reclaim her life after escaping a cult. terrific performances by elizabeth olsen and john hawkes. understated and nuanced without the usual melodrama.

  movie had no point and a stupid ending

  what a waste of time. totally unbelievable and melodramatic.

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