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  Smart, interesting story with some decent special fx...Mr. Tom wasn't too annoying either.

  I am dumbfounded to see that Tribute watchers have only given this movie a 3 star rating. That is why I feel compelled to leave this review. THIS IS AN AWESOME FILM!!! Despite having Cruise in it. He does pick some good films though. This one is just so excellent. I watched it 3 times in a row.

  Terrible movie. Terrible writing. Terrible acting. Bad Bad Bad.

  awesome awesome awesome

I was oblivious.

  Really enjoyed this movie. Way too many unfair 'one stars'. My only guess is that some people have it in for Mr. Cruise ;)

  Great effects - worth seeing..

  Good, not great. I can't understand folks who said they didn't understand or got lost. My complaint was it's too predictable. Seriously, how dumbed down does hollywood have to get before the current movie watchers don't somehow get confused?!

  Waste of time. Don't bother with this dog. Really really bad movie.

  126 you can never get back. STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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