Olympus Has Fallen

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  A great action movie from start to finish, with a strong perormance from lead Butler. It won't win an Oscar, but it sure will satisfy those who like to see things blown up !

  This movie was total crap....glad I didn't pay to see it in the movie theatre. Sadly my friend wasted money on the DVD.

  This movie was excellent. Way to go to Gerald Butler for producing this movie with Antonie Fuqua. I like the movie since from the very start til it is done.

  Total crap.

  Great movie. Very exciting every minute of the way!

  better than anticipated

  Excellent movie !

  watch this the other night thought it was ok , if you r an action fan u will enjoy this

  highly idiotic, but yet entertaining and fun....Gerald Butler is a joy to watch.

  This was up there as one of the worst movies ever seen. Actor’s lines were laughable, story line was pathetic, effects were crap and action could have been great if it wasn't let down by the fact that after watching this movie it feels like anyone can kidnap the president… and every time I hear the word America all I can think of is the president slow motioning it down a hallway. There’s only so much propaganda people can swallow. As for the people that rated this 4-5 star and said things like “This is an action movie what more do you except from it” I would just like to point out that this is to rate the movie overall not parts of the movie..

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