Pain & Gain

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  Yolanthe Cabau hot and sexy!

  It was good. Not excellent but good.

  not very good - other than THE ROCK, who was great!

  Hilarious ! Excellent movie :)

  very dissapointing movie....The Rock was funny, but the movie was silly and dumb

  Hilarious from start to finish

  this movie was great, i had no idea i never even heard of it, i just wanted to see a movie so took a chance, im glad i saw this one, really good and i thought the acting was great too, one reviewer said he didnt think the rock made for a convincing christian, maybe so, but i think he made a convincing coke fiend trying to get over it by being a christian. plus i think it was meant to be somewhat comedic in some aspects. i really liked this movie, go see it and decide for yourself.

  Save your money. I forced myself to stay longer but could not take it anymore by the end of the movie so I just left. Bad story, bad acting and just plain boring movie.

  Initially a pleasant enough watch, but toward the end I found that it was based on a true story and my attitude shifted. Not once did I wince at the torture scenes (because I thought it was humorous caracature), Dwayne Johnson did not make a very convincing "Christian" and not once did I think this was portraying reality. Thus I would have to rate it very poor acting but a pleasant enough watch if you don't think very hard.

  I was disappointed in the script; can't believe the good actors and the poor script. sorry guys it just didn't do it for me!

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