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  good show .wonderful cast

  A hilarious, poignant movie!

  Very enjoyable and funny. I think Pauline Collins does steal the show. She was wonderful. Billy Connolly was very funny too.

  Bored...it made me feel that once your a senior you become senile or just waiting to die One of the worse movies i have ever seen. Quite depressing , especailly when Maggie Smith is one of my favourite...much preferred her in Marigold Hotel

  Very funny and good to seeso many good actors/esses

  Clearly one of the best movies I have ever seen! Wonderful cast, beautiful story. So glad my husband and I went to see it on Valentines day!A movie that moves the soul.

  If you are a "senior", (as I am) don't miss this movie. a fun few hours.

  Pleasant film after it got started -- when the Billy Connolly character was integrated into the film. As they say, if there is a gun in the first act, it has to be set off by the third. Connolly's sex obsession went no where, and didn't contribute to the story. Like a Benny Hill character, too predictable.

  Love British movies generally. This one was very slow to engage the audience. Nifty that they used retired musicians in the cast.

  It was pleasant...nice movie for the "mature" crowd.

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