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  this is one of the best movies i've seen. beautiful photography, exciting. we must change what we do to the environment. this film will change how you look at the world

  A hugely inspiring film that really makes you open your eyes and want to join the revolution to save our planet. A must see for EVERYONE!

  great film!

  wonderful and meaningful movie

  made me cry and was very thought provoking full of information that I was not aware of. thank you for opening my eyes and will be doing my part with what I am able.


  I saw this movie with my class and it's brilliant. We all agreed that this wasn't okay, and it inspired us. I was surprised since I thought they couldn't be inspired by anything, but this movie touched us. It's a must-see for people who love our earth!

I enjoyed this more than Across the Universe.

  how pathetic is this and i guess in itself is a statement to why humans time is coming to an end. this movie only showing at one theatre at 10 pm?!? sad - thanks for considering ahift workers

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