Silver Linings Playbook

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  Loved it! My favorite movie of all time!

  awesome movie!! so much fun I want to watch it over and over again. Great chemistry between Cooper & Lawrence. Also, De Niro is great.

  Wonderful storyline. Great cast.

  I was surprised...I like the movie.

  Don't see this alone -- you'll need someone to wake you when it's over.

Stinkeroo! 0/5

An otherwise fine film marred by an ineffectual performance by the female lead.

  I was impressed. I'm glad Bradley Cooper was the lead rather than Mark Wahlberg. It was very well done. I was dragged to it, but I really liked it. Thank you my girlfriend :) Great blend of football and girly dancing and comedy and finding out we all seem to have issues ie:the passive mother, then over bearing controlling OCD father, and the undiagnosed bi-polar son, the widow who copes with the death of her husband with sex, the friend who lives a shell of a life and will explode in rage at any time, the wife who cheated, the wife who pretends and brags about her perfect child, house, husband. Lots to take in but well done. The physchiatrist who seems all calm and put together properly and

Cooper was great, everyone else were awful.

  great movie!!

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