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  best bond movie of all time

  Best Bond movie ever! Great action and acting, a big shift from the doom and gloom that was Quantum of Solace. It's interesting to see a more human Bond instead of a walking killing machine.

  best bond movie of all time!

  This is wasn't a real James Bond movie, not much action and no gadgets AND NO SPECIAL SOUND EFFECTS. I bought the movie expecting the best .....waist of $!! :(

  I'm not typically fond on bond movies..but this one was excellent.

  THe perfect Bond movie


  This has to be the best Bond movie I've ever watched. It was a fun-filled and an action-packed adventure. The acting was very good. I loved the cinematography. There weren't as many gadgets but there were enough to keep me happy. I noticed this James Bond character was more emotional and human. Good plot but a couple of scenes confused me. I loved this movie so much, I would actually own it.

  Its bond therefore 5 stars

  Great show!! Cannot compare the institution of Bond to a trilogy of Bourne's, come on. Very entertaining, Craig continues to take the character places its never been, fantastic!!!

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