Still Mine

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  Fabulous movie

  What a beautiful love story. As a daughter of a parent with advanced stage Alzheimer's Disease, this tale completed resonated with me. The portrayal of a person with dementia was among the most accurate I have seen. My father's struggle mirrored that of the James Cromwell character. Perfect script, wonderful performances. What can I say, I loved this film...even though it was extremely emotional for me to watch.

  Absolutely one of the best non-fiction films that Ive ever seen and Ive seen many. A must see for anyone who believes in compassion, courage and the ability to stand up for what you believe in.

  Why is this so hard to find on DVD

  Best of the year

  awesome, perfectly played

  Absolutely awesome well done. Cast,especially the two leads were powerful..highly recommend it.

  Wife and I both in 50s loved this movie. Acting by the two leads was phenomenal. One of us is a briit, the other is NB born. Having lived in NB now for more time than in UK the Brit felt the story resonated deeply with feelings of home and tradition. We live in a rural area and have in-laws that could have played aupporting roles (and a father that could have been the lead!). This is movie making with a real heart.

  Wonderful pull at your heart movie

  Great movie and Canadian eh

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