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  Some great characters...good movie.

  Its an awesome movie very well done

  Excellent! Kids loved it - didnt budge the whole time we were in the theatre!

  I really enjoyed this movie. I laughed all the way through the movie. I usually don't like the musical parts of most movies but this movie had great songs. The animation was amazing especially in 3D. I will definitely buy this when it comes out!!!

  Good for the whole Family.

  Great movie for all, as parents really enjoyed it too, very funny!

  Disney definitly did a better job at this movie than some of the others in the last little bit. Great for all audiances, action packed, funny and of course a happy ending.

  Really, really funny


  This moving was great! My son(7) and Daughter (3) enjoyed it alot. Even my husband and I had a few laughs. I hope they keep bringing Disney movies to the theatre.