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  This movie was a geat one! My nieces and myself laughed through the whole thing. Pascal was the best!

  Great movie, follows the Disney tradition nicely. There are some great songs and a wonderful twist to the classic storyline.

  Awesome Disney movie.

  Saw this movie twice. Has a great story line and a good message.

  A great family movie in keeping with the great Disney tradition.

  I absolutely loved this movie. Putting the "twist" in Tangled was an amazing awesome curve in the movie. Rapunzel is one of my favorite fairy tales, but this movie was over the top. It may become my favorite movie of all time! I want to see it again and again and I can'twait to purchase it when it is released to DVD/Blu Ray.

  Best Animation in a ling time! Two thumbs waaaay up!

  Pretty good cartoon.

  The music was excellent and I enjoyed the story immensely. Fun for everyone!

  Very good movie. Kids loved it. Nice to see an old story turned into a fresh new movie.