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  I thought this was a really cute movie the kids also enjoyed it but were starting to get board by the end

  Awsome movie. Something diffeent and new from all the other disney classics. It was funny , heart felt and open to any age group. After watching this great movie with my nieces, i became a huge fan that i wanted to get all the collectables and couldnt wait for the release. This a great family move for everyone, no matter age or gender, you will enjoy it. must go see it!!!

  Cute,Funny,Great comedy!!! My 2 year old actually sat still to watch this one she loved it, had to buy her the movie afterwards!

  We were so excited to see a new Disney Princess movie! Our girls, ages 3 & 5, absolutely loved the movie...and mommy did too!

  I thought this was a great movie. It had a a lot for the children and a bit for the adults. it was light hearted and action packed. A good movie overall

  A great family movie in the Disney tradition.


  tangled is a very good movie i am a fourteen yearold and i really enjoyed it. my baby sister loved it to and thats who she wants to be next year for halloween. funny thing is its rare to see a black girl in blonde long hair. =)

  A truly wonderful family movie for all ages. One of the best Disney movies in awhile, definately worth seeing. It is funny, sad and comical all wrapped up in one movie.

  Very cute, even for grown-ups!