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  This was a fantastic movie, my girls loved every minute of it.

  I thought the animation was amazing! I enjoyed the story line and the characters. I saw it with a mentally challenged friend of mine, and she completely followed the story and really liked it.

  A great variation on a classic story, as they're famous for. Appealed to the adults as well as the kids, and had great comical elements. The horse and chameleon provided some unexpected laughs.

  An instant classic. Seamless return to original cartoons.

  my daugther loved this movie. She just turned 2 and is sitll talking about it 2 weeks later

  The whole family loved this move. It really pulled you in, right from the beginning. There were funny moments, sad moments (I have to admit I cried!) and happy moments. Great for adults and kids alike. One of the best family movies I have seen.

  Excellent movie, it appealed to all audiences since my husband and I didn't even have a child in tow. The storyline was not the usual story of Rapunzel (somewhat similar but with a twist). Very enjoyable and well made. I'd highly recommend.

  Fantastic movie, great visually and very funny :)

  Was really good even the boys liked it!