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  I enjoyed the film. The characters were great, there was finally a believable love connection, it was funny, and it looked beautiful. However, it's not quite there with the best of Disney. There are three things that bother me: 1. MUSIC is "kidified" and shallow--it is not well integrated into the film; anytime a song came on I cringed. It should have had sounds reminiscent of the period. A complete waste of Moor's wonderful voice. 2. The very last scene (I will not give it away) is a cheap gimmick that should not have been used--it should have ended with a personal moment to the two characters--remember last scenes form Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and Lion King. 3. I think i


Anyone who has loved the classic Disney princess films of all time will love this!

  Excellent. was so excited to take my kids

  I loved it! Some people are saying the songs are not catchy enough- not so. I'm still listening to the songs and am loving it.

  I wasn't sure about this one...but Disney pulled out another good movie. Had some classic funny parts.

  beautiful movie.

  BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR!!!!!! Take my word for it, I'm 18 years old, and I adored it! The plot, the acting, the music, the comedy! Fun for all ages...seriously: go. see. it. I can guarantee you will love it!!! :D Go Mandy and Zac, and all the other talented actors and people that made this film a hit!! <3

I think this is one of those Disney movies that will stand the test of time and become a classic!

Disney brings us another classic for everyone to enjoy!