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  really great movie i would watch more in the theatres becuase disney just put their magic on this movie

  I saw Tangled this morning and I absolutely LOVED the music and story line. The animation was beautiful and the kids were laughing the whole way through. I would definitely recommend Tangled for the young and old!

  Tangled was full of laughter and I enjoyed the movie from the beginning to the end. I would suggest the movie to all my friends and family. It is a must see movie for all ages.

  ok for younger kids

  Cute movie with funny parts. A good movie for all.

  I really enjoy the movie. The story was well written and funny. I love it!

  Both my 11 year old son and myself enjoyed the 3D movie tremendously. Great entertainment for kids and adult alike.

  This movie was very well done my 9 year old daughter loved it.

  Great family entertainment with an interesting spin on a classic fairy tale.

agree - another instant classic for Disney!