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  Fenomenaly done, beutiful picture. Both my daughter and I enjoyed very much

  Very entertaining!

  One of the best Disney movies to come out in a LONG time!

  Loved this movie!! It had a little bit of everything from romance to comedy. Not just a movie for kids but a movie for the whole family, especially adults. Definitely a buy when it comes out on DVD/Blue Ray.

  Great remake of a classic tale.

  My daughter loved this show. Thanks for the wondeerful opportunity to allow us to see this show in advance!

  Cleverly done! This movie was quirky and a lot of fun!

  Another brilliant job done by Disney. We laughed we cried we enjoyed everything about this movie.

  It was a kid and parent friendly film, with lots of laughs!

  The movie was awsome. My husband originally did not want to attend the prescreening however he laughed throughout the movie and at the end it was a good movie. My daughter and her friend talked about the movie for a week so much so that her friend's older sister now wants to see the movie for her birthday and my daughter and her friend said they'd go see it again. I think the new version of Rapunzel is definitely better than the first. Maximus stole the show!!!