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  I didn't think I would like this film. But I was wrong. It's a hilarious and clever movie wrapped up in a fairy tale setting. We spent the whole time smiling and laughing in our seats. If you want to some good family fun, this is the film you want to watch.

  Highly entertaining! I totally loved it - great for kids and adults alike. Funny, smart and cute :D


  Love the movie so did my daughter it is a great family moive has every thing for the hole familt in it

  Disney - good as usual!

  Loads of fun for all ages and was amazing in 3D!

  Great for all ages, very cool special effects.

  I cringed when they broke into song for the second time in the first five minutes but it soared from there. Fantastic story and with many laugh out loud moments for adults and kids. Both my 7-year-old and I loved it and I'm sure we'll see many more times.

  Lots of laughs for all ages!!

  this movie was O.K. seen better