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  Entertaining action. Fun for the whole family (cliche but true).

  I loved this movie and putting it in 3D made it really fun!

  Really cute story and great music. Love Disney!

  It was funny and well done!!

  Loved, loved, loved the movie! Another Disney classic! =)

  Loved the movie! All the characters are so funny!

  Another Disney classic to be enjoyed by the entire family. It had lots of funny scenes, and a fast-moving story. Terrific!

  This movie was so cute, I loved the casting for the voices. Very fun for both kids and adults. Its a fun twist on a classic tale.

  I was unable to attend, buy my daughter did on my behalf. She loved it and told me it was terrific. It was her first 3D movie. She said she reached out multiple times trying to touch the objects that seemed so close to her. She told me the soundtrack was perfect for the story and that the story was wonderful and that she enjoyed the movie thoroughly. It had adventure, comedy, action, and it was a thrill to watch. She recommended it for the young and older.

  Great for adults and kids. Lots of action and wonderment that holds everyone's attention. It is witty and fun and awesome in 3D!