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  With all of the regular Disney charm and more, this take on Rapunzel was very heartwarming and modern. The songs were lovely - Mandy Moore has such a beautiful voice and she was perfect as Rapunzel. Can't wait to get this one on blu-ray!

  Amazing movie

  Funny, funny and more funny!! This movie has such lovable characters!! Disney has a hit with this one!!

  What a wonderful, whimsical show!

  Great movie! Loved the development of characters (main and others). Pascal and Maximus were wonderful!

  Tangled was a complete delight. The Disney animators created believable characters in an imaginative setting. The songs were fun and Maximus the horse stole the show. We can't wait to see it again.

  Very funny and great movie!

  Cute, Funny an awesome movie the kids loved it as well did the parents!!! :D

  I thought the music was great and very upbeat! The story was good with entertaining jokes! The time flew by so fast, so I know it kept us intrigued throughout! Adults and kids were laughing! Great new family movie as always from Disney!

  it was very good - great 3D